Everything revolves around the areas of application

The remexit® classification disc provides you with important information on the application areas of recycled building materials in road construction and earthworks. By simply turning, you can select the construction methods "water-permeable" (wasserdurchlässig), "partially permeable" (teildurchlässig) and "watertight" (wasserundurchlässig). Please refer to the disc for further application conditions. The data is directly applicable for Germany only.

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Below you can check where the use of recycled aggregates is possible in road construction and earthworks. The prerequisite is that the construction site is located outside a water protection area or flood plain. If the measure lies within a water protection area of German class WSG IIIA/HSG III or WSG IIIB/HSG IV, the application remains possible, but should be investigated in more detail.

Einbau in oder unter wasserundurchlässiger Schicht
Einbau in oder unter wasserundurchlässiger Schicht


  • permitted
  • not permitted
  • restricted
  • not relevant

The classification disc shows the resulting areas of application for recycled aggregates after comparison of German environmental regulations (LAGA M20 and Gem.Rd.Erlasse NRW) and technical specifications of the FGSV regulations.

From an environmental point of view, a distinction is made in Germany between material qualities – with influence on the recycling possibilities. LAGA notice M20 defines the classification values Z 1.1, Z 1.2 and Z 2. The decrees Gem.Rd.Erlasse North Rhine-Westfalia distinguish the material classes RCL I and RCL II. Z 1 and RCL I qualities are the best qualities. 

Applicability of the classification disc:

  • Project location outside water protection areas
  • Minimum distance to groundwater level of 1 m
  • Increased minimum distance to groundwater of 2 m for Z 1.2 according to LAGA M20
  • Private construction projects may require a permit under water law.

Use in water protection areas classes WSG IIIA/HSG III and WSG IIIB/HSG IV is generally possible, but restricted and should therefore examined in more detail.

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